B J M Speech & Language Therapy, Inc.​​
Better Journey Makers Pediatric Therapy

We believe that all children can learn and that early intervention is the key to success. We provide pediatric specialized treatment to children, in an effort to combat the struggles they may face before entering, during their school years, and beyond.

Our mission is to help each child reach his or her full potential, giving them the tools they need to succeed because each child deserves a better journey towards success.

Our vision is to be a global company that helps children discover their full potential, by creating opportunities for success for children and their families, by providing a caring and compassionate staff, and working with global community partners to help children soar, despite their disability. 

We provide comprehensive pediatric speech language therapy, which includes speech and language screenings, hearing screenings, and speech and language evaluations.  Evaluations include both standardized and informal assessments to identify specific strengths and weaknesses of each child individually . We provide regularly scheduled therapeutic sessions one to three times weekly.  We also provide specific strategies and resources for children and their families, to enhance the child's speech and language skills.  Our goal is to empower families, and to help them be informed advocates for their children, before, during their entry into public school, and beyond, guiding them towards a successful journey.

When we are providing contracts in the public school system, the goal of improving the lives of children remain the same. Children are our passion, and we believe that all children can learn despite their disabilities.  We provide therapy services in the schools to support the school's needs, whether short term, or maternity, full, or part time, we support your needs, in the effort to provide quality service in the schools we serve, helping children with special needs reach their full potential.